How to improve CRS score for Canada Express Entry

How to improve CRS score: The question “how can I improve my CRS score” is often asked by the majority of candidates in the Express Entry pool, even those who’re yet to get in.

Getting into the Express Entry pool is one thing, getting the minimum CRS score to guarantee that you’re selected is another thing.

Based on the information provided by eligible candidates, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) awards individual scores to those in the Express Entry pool.

Candidates are awarded points based on the following factors:

  • Education
  • Skills and work experience.
  • Language ability (English and/or French).
  • Applicant’s spouse or common-law partner’s education and language ability.
  • Job offer by a registered/licensed Canadian employer
  • Provincial nomination certified issued by a Canadian territory or province

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If you have been looking for information on how to improve your CRS score and get Canada Express Entry selection, continue to read below as we walk you through certain things you can do to achieve this.

1). Language
English and French are Canada’s official languages and candidate are tested for their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. Rewriting the test and getting an improved score can boost your CRS score. Also, if you’re proficient in just one of the languages (English or French), you might consider learning the other and taking its test.

2). Study in Canada
Some people don’t know that studying in Canada can significantly increase their CRS score. If you have the funds, go to Canada and study.

3). Work
Having more years of work experience can also increase your CRS score so while you’re waiting to be selected, keep working. Getting a job in Canada and accumulating some years of legal work experience there can also significantly increase your CRS score.

4). Education
You can claim extra points in the Express Entry pool if you have two or more diplomas, degrees or certificates. Also, if for example you have only a degree, completing a Master’s education can boost your CRS score.

5) Job Offer
Although some people say getting a job in Canada while residing outside Canada can be a daunting task but hey, there’s no harm in trying. Canadian employers are conducting online interviews and recruiting foreigners on a daily basis so get applying and hope for the best. This might get you the CRS score you need to get selected for Express Entry immigration.

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6). Spouse
If you’re legally married, your spouse’s language ability, work experience and education and increase your CRS score. Also, getting an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) done for your spouse’s education can get you up to 10 points.

7). Provincial Nomination
This is the last on the list and it’s undoubtedly the biggest fish. Getting a PNP certificate from a province or territory in Canada will get you 600 points and almost certainly guarantee you’re selected for Canada’s Express Entry immigration. There are lots of provincial nomination programs created by various provinces in Canada, go through them and apply. Good luck.

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