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Jobs in Canada for Pakistanis: More than 30,0000 foreigners come to Canada for employment. Applicant does not need to pass any Canada Points based system to get Canada work permit. Canada work permit application system is easier and straight forward as compare to Canada Express entry or other system.

But it still has some requirements and necessary steps to follow on. Most of the foreign workers need a work permit to work in Canada in legal way. This is generally known as Temporary Work permit. Temporary work visas are totally different from permanent residence visas. You will be able to know all about Canadian work permit on this page.

The first and foremost requirement is to arrange a job offer from a Canadian employer in order to apply for Canada work permit. The second thing is LMIA which stands for labor market impact assessment. It is the responsibility of Canadian employer to get LMIA from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).

LMIA is actually an opinion of HRSDC about the job position, its nature and its positive/negative effects on Canada’s economy. This department checks if there is really no suitable person available to do this job in Canada. If this department is satisfied with the demand of employer, a positive opinion LMIA is issued.

Actually, every country wants to give jobs to local citizens first. Foreigners are accepted as second preference or as an alternative. Anyway, Canadian employer must send job offer and LMIA to foreign worker to apply for Canada work visa. There are some specific situations but limited in number where job offer can be made without LMIA, it is called open work permit Like:

  • Because of international agreements.
  • If extraordinary benefit is expected from the foreign worker.
  • Because of any talent exchange agreement and programs.
  • In case of studying in Canada.
  • Work permit for spouse
  • Religious or charitable work type
  • For refugee/asylum seekers etc.

Why Choose Jobs in Canada?

  • Job opportunities: Canada is a developed nation so job opportunities are high in number in the nation. There are jobs for skilled people as well as unskilled people in the nation. Many jobs in Canada can be found for Pakistanis in various fields.
  • Working benefits: There are a lot of work benefits in Canada for the employees. The offices provide affordable health care services, extra benefits to pregnant women.
  • Living cost: The living cost in Canada for Pakistanis doing jobs in Canada is very cheap compared to other nations. The lounging housing facilities are one of the cheapest among the developed countries.
  • Mixed-culture: This is another reason why many Pakistanis migrate to Canada for jobs. There are many Pakistanis in the nation making it easier to settle. The Pakistanis doing jobs in Canada can find many people from their home nation making them comfortable in a foreign nation.
  • Express Entry: The migrants can easily settle in the country if they wish to after working for certain years in the nation. This provides a lot more facilities for them.
  • Work benefits: There are many work benefits while working in Canada. If anyone has a work permit, other members can also work in the nation with the same permit.
  • Others: There are various other benefits including vacations to employees, family benefits, insurance, high payment, many facilities, and others.

How to Get Offer for Jobs in Canada for Pakistanis?

Three steps to get a job offer and jobs in Canada for Pakistanis :

  • Create a strong CV and resume: To get a job in Canada, one must be able to create a strong resume that attracts the company. The ASR is a software used to track the applicant and it rejects almost 75% of the CVs before it reaches the company as well. The professional resume must bypass the filters of the ASR so that it can reach the company. Hence, a strong CV is very important to get a job offer.
  • Apply for Canada PR visa: The applicant must have a work permit before getting a job offer in Canada. Most of people apply for a PR visa so they can get a work permit. For an applicant to get a work permit in Canada, the company must financially support the applicant which the companies don’t prefer to do nowadays.
  • Cover Letter: In the cover letter, the applicant must highlight the skills which are not mentioned in the resume. If the applicant has various skills, accomplishments, qualifications, and positions help the applicant get a job offer. The cover letter must be provided along with the CV to increase the chance of getting a job offer.

Documents required in order to get Jobs in Canada for Pakistanis:

  • CV/ Resume
  • Cover Letter supporting the CV
  • Documents showing the previous job
  • Payslip of the previous job for salary evidence
  • Identity Proof
  • Passport
  • Visa or Work Permit

How soon Can I find a job in Canada?

In average, it takes almost 16 weeks to find a job in the nation based on the resume submitted. For some it may take longer than 16 weeks and there are some ways you can find the job faster as well. To find the job faster in Canada the applicants must do the following:

  • Create a CV to bypass the ASR filter: The applicant must be able to create a strong resume that is able to bypass the given filters.
  • Search for jobs: Even after submitting the profile, the applicant must not sit quietly relying on the result. The applicant must constantly look for jobs even after submitting the profile. The applicant must keep searching for available jobs and applying for the same.
  • Apply for PR: The applicant must apply for PR to get the job as soon as possible. There are a lot more benefits of the PR as well apart from the jobs. The PR holder can work from anywhere in any company and can live in Canada for a long period of time. Jobs in Canada for Pakistanis Graduates

Latest Jobs in Canada for Pakistanis with Salary

Thousands of Pakistanis migrate to Canada every year for a reason that Canada has the best-paying jobs for immigrants all over the world. The latest job vacancies available in Canada based on JobBank are listed below:

Jobs in Canada for Pakistanis

Job Title No. of Vacancies Avg Annual Salary
(in Canadian $)
Sales Associate 120 10.3k
Help Desk Technician 80 16.74k
Retail Store Manager 32 48k
Real Estate Broker 12 54k
Account Manager 35 54k
Cashier 60 9.63k
Account Executive 10 53k
Inside Sales Representative 30 44k
Sales Manager 12 60k
Area Sales Manager 20 66k
Sales Engineer 10 73k
Construction Worker 250 15.31k
Data Entry Operator 160 13.76k
Computer Programmer 8 62k
IT Manager 12 88k
Business analyst 10 65k
Network engineer 9 73k
Application Developer 6 69k
Software Engineer 15 73k
Computer Support Specialist 6 56k
Database Administrator 6 67k
IT Professional 25 63k
Network Administrator 18 59k
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 2 159k
Chief Information Officer (CIO) 3 158k
Design Architect 8 60k
DevOps Engineer 5 93k
Market Development Manager 10 77k
Outside Sales Manager 25 55k

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