Guide to Creating an Express Entry Profile for Canada Immigration

How to make an Express Entry profile for immigration can be quite some task. It is important to create an Express Entry profile, you pay attention to every detail, so you can receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA). Canada offers a few options for foreigners to migrate. Express Entry is an avenue ex-pats look out for. To get into Canada through Express Entry, the foreigner must first create a profile and follow other necessary steps stipulated.

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There are a handful of skilled individuals in the world and since Canada has a leading job market, the Canadian government integrates these individuals to grow themselves and of course, the economy of the country. The number of people interested in immigrating to Canada runs into tens of thousands yearly. Of course, there are opportunities in Canada but in a competitive market such as that, the Canadian government chooses to accept individuals that are skilful enough to grow their market.

The government pays keen attention to individuals who will be useful in sustaining the economy of the nation before issuing a permanent residence permit, hence the opportunity Express Entry offers. Would you love to migrate to Canada? Do you think you are skilful enough to advance the economy of Canada? Are you eligible too? Then you might want to migrate through the Express Entry program. It’s time to create and submit your profile.

Express Entry is an easy way to migrate into Canada, keep reading to see how.

How does Express Entry work?

Canada opens a pool for people who believe in their skillfulness. If you are one of them, and you are also eligible, you will first have to create an Express Entry profile. The Canadian government is not biased in its selections. After creating a profile, you will be issued a Personal Reference Code. The body in charge, which is Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) accesses the thousands of profiles submitted with the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

express entry profile in canada

The Comprehensive Ranking System is an unpredicted ranking system. There is no fixed mark because the cut-off marks change with time. What the ranking system could have considered a low score in one year can be an average score to admit applicants another year. So, your profile is accessed based on your ability to integrate into the Canadian job market from the documents you provide.

How to create a profile in the Express Entry program

In creating an Express Entry profile, you need the documents below:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate from medical exams
  • Police certificate
  • Common-law Union form for married applicants
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate if the applicant is divorced
  • Death certificate if applicants claim that their spouse is dead
  • Representative form for applicants that are represented by a law firm
  • Adoption certificate if the applicant is a dependant.
  • Proof of funds

Just like every other country, Canada is interested in knowing your settling plan. How do you intend to settle down for the time being while processing anything you have outstanding or maybe before you start working? Your proof of funds is necessary for creating your profile. The government is assured by this that you are financially stable enough to cater to yourself and any other person with you in the country.

Proof of funds is required from only those who are sent an ITA. This also excludes those applying under the Canadian Experience Class. If you will be applying for the Federal Skilled Worker or Federal Skilled Trades programs, you certainly need to include in your application proof of funds.

After creating your profile, Express Entry generates a Personal Reference Code (PRC) for you, enter the code. Also, enter personal details as needed. Leave information from the documents you will be attaching. You will attach a passport, a language test result like IELTS for English applicants, your educational credential assessment report, and evidence of a job offer from your employer.

Sometimes, on special requests, you will also have to submit a softcopy of your photos so your identity can be confirmed. You can be asked for references too. This is like submitting the personal and contact information of an authority that you are affiliated with.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada is detailed with every information in processing applications before deciding to give out their residence permit. You can be asked for your other names to also confirm your personality. You can have an advantage if you submit in your profile proof to show that you have a relationship with a Canadian citizen. Actually,  some of these things may be requested by the IRCC but you can take initiative to include them in your profile if you want your profile to stand out from the number of profiles that IRCC will be accessing.

If your application is approved, you will be mailed and directed on steps to follow, this is for those already in Canada and those who will have to travel in.

who can apply for canada express entry

Who is eligible to create an Express Entry profile?

The first thing to note before bothering to create an Express Entry profile is your eligibility status. You are eligible for the program if you are a skilled worker whether married or single.  As a married applicant, if you are invited to apply and issued your residence permit thereafter, it covers your spouse too. It is advised that the spouse who is more eligible and has a greater chance of being given an invite should be the one to create the profile.

If you’re considering migrating through this program, confirm that you have all the requirements including a language test result, an educational credential assessment report, and evidence of a job offer from an employer in Canada if any.

You also need to create a new profile to submit again when you become eligible. Ineligible applicants’ profiles become non-valid after that year.

While your profile is in the pool and you are expecting your ITA, you can already begin to look out for jobs in the Canadian government job bank. There is also the option of applying directly to employers and networking on social media platforms

Immigration Programs managed through Express Entry 

You should know what Express Entry program you intend to apply for before even creating a profile. There is the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program, Federal Skilled Trades (FST) program, and the Canadian work experience. Which of these are you interested in? If you are eligible for more than one, IRCC will choose which of the programs you will get in through.

Is creating an Express Entry profile free?

Yes, Creating an Express Entry profile to migrate to Canada is free. You do not have to pay any amount to do this. All you need to do is create your profile. If you have an offer to work in Canada or are just desirous to live and upgrade your skills in Canada, you have already been shown how to create an Express Entry profile. You might, as a matter of necessity have to spend on getting your documents to English or French language as the case may be.

You can incur a few costs but that is specifically for things that your profile needs.

For example, if you haven’t taken the language test and it is required in submitting your profile, running that will come at a cost. To carry out an educational credential assessment is also at a cost.  Remember,  not every applicant has not had these documents before the time of application. So for you who are just processing them, these are what will incur some cost for your profile to be complete else, you can just go ahead and submit the documents if you’ve already acquired these documents.

Also, if you want to hire an immigration law firm as a representative,  you will incur some costs too. Creating a profile on its own is free; processing your documents if they haven’t been previously processed before the time of creating your profile, will incur some costs. Most of the other things that will require some money as listed here are optional but at the same time quite necessary and give you an added advantage.

The Express Entry program is one most-sorted avenues foreigners are jumping on today. If you are eligible, follow the procedures laid out, gather all your necessary documents, and stay close to your emails so you work within the time limits IRCC will provide if you are sent an Invitation to Apply or invited for an interview.

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